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New just in additions.

New categories for cell phones and accessories have just been added. Check out the selection. Includes I phone compatible products and a wide array of cases for all kinds of phones. Also added Cell phones, clothing for men, women and kids.  Just click on a category and explore to see what is now available at Poor Richards Imports.

53 in 1 Phone Repair Tools Set Precision Torx Screwdriver Set for iPhone Laptop Cell Mobile phone Electronics Hand Tool 10
53 in 1 Phone Repair Tools Set Precision Torx Screwdriver Set for iPhone Laptop Cell Mobile phone Electronics Hand Tool 10
Boucho Universal Camouflage Package Multifunctional Cell Phone Bag Pockets Wallet Outdoor Bag Pouch For iPhone 6S X 8 Plus 10
Boucho Universal Camouflage Package Multifunctional Cell Phone Bag Pockets Wallet Outdoor Bag Pouch For iPhone 6S X 8 Plus 10

KY SW007 Clock phone Smart Watch Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch Men Android IOS Camera Wearable Devices 2G Sim TF card smartwach 8
KY SW007 Clock phone Smart Watch Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch Men Android IOS Camera Wearable Devices 2G Sim TF card smartwach 8
53 in 1 Phone Repair Tools Set Precision Torx Screwdriver Set for iPhone Laptop Cell Mobile phone Electronics Hand Tool 6
53 in 1 Phone Repair Tools Set Precision Torx Screwdriver Set for iPhone Laptop Cell Mobile phone Electronics Hand Tool 6
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Some of my other stores and sites.


Although the Covid 19 virus is ravaging the world economy, it is not quite the worst pandemic ever.

We have seen much worse in recorded history, plagues of all kinds have reminded us all for millennia

that we are mere vessels for any kind of life form that inhabits this earth.  Microbes, bacteria, virus’s and

parasites live on and within our bodies for all of our lives.  most live in harmony with the host.  We just

need to find out what the virus needs to make it friendly instead of destructive. Hopefully in the mean

time we can keep the supply chain going and continue commerce.  I am doing my part by providing the

service of letting people know that all of these stores provide essential needs for some person out there.

The alternative energy product group is one for those of you who are in need of electric power from sources

other than the grid.

Believe it or not, the controlled flight store is also providing for an essential need of the real estate, law

enforcement, and global information services.

Many are living in tents, or other structures that are not their normal home.  Working or not, there are

always people on the move in the world who benefit from having camping supplies.

As an extension of the camping supply provision, we also provide for the needs of people who are able

to  use more luxurious means of mobile housing.  We carry a wide variety of supplies for the use of mobile

home and camper trucks.

Our Eats store is open to all, but particularly great for Amazon Prime Account owners. If you live close to

a Fresh Store, you can have food delivered within hours. This makes menu planning a breeze.

Our Xbox store is providing service and entertainment to thousands, kids all over the world are confined

to their homes, and Xbox has many programs that help to educate and entertain them.

Horse owners are in need of supplies that we provide in our store for equestrian supplies.  Ranging

from saddle blankets, halters, saddles and other supplies for riding.

Our brew supplies store is providing essential needs for those of you who would rather create your

own beer than be limited to just what the big box store has to offer.

Our solar energy store provides kits and systems to generate electricity in what ever amount you might

need for your home, camper or personal use.  We even have solar back packs that can charge your

personal electronics while you are out for a walk.

Now, our wine selections and such are just the best from all over the world, wines, decanters, stoppers,

glasses and more.

Poor Richards Enterprises is the presentation of most of the other products and services we try to offer.

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Poor Richard has other product sites too.

Typical Solar Energy Solutions for Homes

Perhaps you’re currently aware of Do It Yourself solar energy collections. The principle might sound inviting nevertheless a great deal of individuals are frightened to produce their own solar energy system.

People typically connect solar energy with solar panels. You see, solar panels are not the only resource of power. You can select among the various components known today. Look at these solar elements that you can utilize in your house.

1. Solar stoves— this is currently a regular method of making use of solar energy. Some individuals might locate the cooker slow in relation to efficiency however if you’re not rushing, you can undoubtedly prepare on time. You can make use of the solar cooker to bake, roast, and boil. This is finest fit for a little family members with an optimum of 5 participants. You will no longer need fuel considering that you will be making use of simply sunshine. There are similarly no discharges or smoke.
2. Solar thermal systems– this is a passionate system but it’s simply an upgrade of the earliest known client modern technology. In this system, you will require photovoltaic panels. From the panels, the sunlight’s warm is transferred to a water tank. The water in the container is warmed. Your residence can similarly be heated by placing some pipelines. This was currently offered back in the 80s however it was instead expensive. Today, the thermal systems are much more economical and effective.
Solar generators— various homeowner are now using solar generators for alternative power. You can utilize the solar generators for your illumination system at house. By using solar generators, it would certainly be feasible to run some electric devices.

A riches of details can be discovered on the net if you simply do your homework and try to find useful information. By acquiring the DIY packages, you can create your own solar energy system. There are similarly academic products supplied online that offer action by step directions on exactly how to produce photovoltaic panels or cells. It would certainly aid a great deal if you perform a search online and also take a look at the action by action guidelines there; that way, you can determine if you can perform the task or not.

Solar power systems are not that hard to generate specifically if you already have a considerable understanding about it. You can start with really standard solar power systems for your residence like the solar generators. Solar energy for homes is a remarkable option to those that intend to conserve on electric power and help preserve the earth.

Do not hesitate as well as if you have the money to purchase the items to make , go all out. In the coming months, you will definitely take advantage of it.

People commonly connect solar energy with solar panels. Solar stoves– this is already an usual way of using solar energy. Solar generators– numerous home proprietors are currently using solar generators for alternate power. Solar power systems are not that challenging to produce particularly if you currently have a significant understanding regarding it. You can begin with really standard solar energy systems for your house like the solar generators.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Neckline for a Cashmere Sweater for Women

A Guide to Choosing the Right Neckline for a Cashmere Sweater for Women

A Guide to Choosing the Right Neckline for a Cashmere Sweater for Women

When shopping for cashmere sweaters for women, factors that most people consider are quality, price, color, size, and design. It’s very rare that you’ll hear a person cite the type of neckline as an important factor as well, which is very much a pity because having the right neckline for a cashmere sweater for women can go a long way in making a woman appear more attractive, graceful, and sexier.

Types of Necklines for Cashmere Sweater for Women

Turtleneck This type of neckline is one of the easiest to recognize because of its distinctive appearance. If you prefer to purchase cashmere sweaters for women which makes use of turtleneck necklines, make sure that the turtleneck has just the right fit for your neck, nothing too lose or tight. Furthermore, avoid wearing turtlenecks if you have a short face and neck. This is also known as a polo neckline.

Round Neckline You’ll most commonly find this used with shirts and yes, cashmere sweaters for women. A round neckline, also known as a jewel neckline, suits all types of individuals so it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a cashmere sweater making use of this type of neckline.

Boat Neckline Cashmere sweaters for women that have boat, Sabrina, or bateu necklines are unfortunately not for everybody. Because of its extra pretty and feminine appearance, it requires people to act similarly to a certain extent lest they wish to look awkward with their clothes. Cashmere sweaters that use a boat neckline are great to wear for semi-formal parties in the evening and especially when they’re accessorized with a pearl choker.

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline This is similar to boat necklines except that they expose more of your shoulders and are definitely sexier. Because of the “sexy” factor with off-the-shoulder necklines, they’re easier to wear than those with boat necklines because all you need is the right set of shoulders to complement it. It’s very rare for cashmere sweaters for women to be manufactured with this neckline so consider yourself lucky if you manage to purchase one of these. Rest assured that you’ll be the subject of envy as well if and when you do!

One-Shoulder Neckline This is one of the most least common necklines used for all types of outfits and is even used more seldom when it comes to cashmere sweaters for women. One-shoulder necklines are asymmetric in appearance, with a diagonal neckline starting high on one side and ending low, just a few centimeters away from your chest in fact, at the other end. Since one-shoulder cashmere sweaters for women are very rare, you can create one yourself by purchasing a cashmere sweater that’s a size bigger then pulling the sleeves low on the other end. It may sound strange, but it definitely works!

V Necklines Also known as a plunging neckline, v-necklines are commonly used with cashmere sweaters for women. Contrary to popular opinion, however, not all clothes that make use of a v neck is attention getting and indecent. The amount of exposed skin will depend on the size of the V neck so you can always choose cashmere sweaters for women that don’t have deep V necklines if you’re uncomfortable with showing lots of skin.

Scoop Neckline Also a plunging type of neckline, scoop necklines are similar to v necks but instead of ending in a V, it forms a half circle instead, or like a letter C facing up. Again, like cashmere sweaters with v necks, cashmere sweaters with scoop necklines can either expose minimal or considerable cleavage, depending on the wearer’s preferences.

Have fun necking the fashion out of cashmere sweaters for women!

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Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is fast becoming one of the best alternatives to modern jewelry sets. Inexpensive yet stylish as compared to diamonds and other precious stones, these natural crystalline rocks or synthetic crystal jewelry have been most sought after and longed for in today’s modern world.

Part of man’s society and his culture is to adorn themselves with jewelry and other precious metals and stones. They do this to indicate the standing in society or to attract attention to themselves. It’s natural for them to have a natural attraction to these adornments because it gives them distinction above others.

As a testament to this some families have kept to themselves special sets or pieces of jewelry as family heirlooms. These heirlooms have played the part of distinguishing marks of the family in the generations that were and those that are to come. These jewelry sets have often been handed down through the generations of family members to give them that certain air of pride.

Nowadays, part of man’s quest to be distinguished is to hand craft their own jewelry or jewelry sets. In the times that were, only a select group of individuals had the expertise and the creativity to craft these highly prized items. They were the royal jewelers or they were part of a family of jewelers whose secrets of the trade were only revealed to the ones that were to take the place in the family business. In these modern times, a lot of people have ventured into the craft of making crystal jewelry from precious and semi-precious stones even the synthetic ones. One may say that custom made jewelries gave off a different feeling of accomplishment.

Looking into the hand made crystal jewelries one would ask why is it so popular nowadays. A good explanation to it is that people now have most of the things that they actually need and some of the things that are sold in the market are actually less attractive to them because of their preference. Let’s take for example clothes. Some people buy clothes off the rack and make minor or major adjustments to them when they get home.

They do this to fit their personality and their needs. Personalizing items give a generic thing a more personal feeling. That is true as well for jewelry, everyone has a ring or a necklace or a diamond earring but not everyone has a hand made watch or bracelet or bangles. These simple things become more endearing to the wearer when they are made just for them.

Making personalized crystal jewelry is not really rocket science. There are a lot of reference materials available where the instructions are basic and most of the time, they come with illustrations to better understand. The hard part of it is actually looking for a place to buy the materials that you will need.

There are shops that specialize in supplying hobbyist with raw materials needed to start with the crystal jewelry making. Browsing online is also another good way of getting information on the subject. You just need to be patient because making the perfect piece takes a lot of practice and trial and error.

Don’t be afraid to experiment on your first few crystal jewelry pieces. As the time goes by you will get the hang of it and you can create beautiful pieces.

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A Jewelry Story of Crystal Proportions



It’s a proven fact that all great success stories start from scratch. All the huge strides men have made all throughout the last century have been because of artistic and creative thinking. Innovations and living situation developments have been present in our daily activities because of men and women that strive to achieve various life-long aspirations.

Various organizations and institutions have bravely set foot and constantly taken risks in order to bring out the best product in the market. The collection of crystal jewelry from Swarovski Crystals does not fall far from these success stories. In fact the pages this company has written in the fashion and glamour industry is really of crystal clear proportions.

But how did such company came into being? Just like every other fashion industry association Swarovski Crystal traces its root from the efforts of one man. Let’s focus the limelight on how Daniel Swarovski I made a difference with his unrelenting efforts and innovative creations.

The man behind the crystal collections started just like any normal entrepreneur. He earned his dues by undergoing an apprenticeship program under the direct observation of his very own father who was at that time was a glass cutter. The program lasted for about two years. As a native of North Bohemia, he diligently worked in order to acquire expertise in the field of glass cutting. Although he would have a sure fire career with a factory from his father he did not stop to look forward and improve. The event that transpired next would lead to a difference in his industry.

1892 came and saw the development of the inventor and innovator in Daniel. He made a breakthrough by creating a modern-day machinery that would change the landscapes of crystal cutting specifically in the process on which it is done. He then wisely applied for his very own patent of the machine. It was in 1895 that the company Swarovski came into being all because of the hard work and cunning of Daniel Swarovski.

As his company grew Daniel realized that there was an added need for power and water source. He also envisioned a factory building of his own in order for his aspirations of developing the crystal industry to be possible. He chose to move to Wattens, Tyrol as part of his strategy to keep the secrets of his invention and also to wave off possible competition.

The company Daniel built is steadfastly maintaining high standards and is still one of the leading groups in providing crystal jewellery across the globe. In fact a little bit of history can be traced by how much it has contributed to adding beauty in every woman’s exquisite features. By 1956 in cooperation with world renowned designer Christian Dior, Swarovski launched crystal jewelries which were inspired by the dashing light and visuals brought about by the Aurora Borealis in the North Pole. The market was captivated as nature was encased in every crystal jewelry and accessory.

Before crystal jewelries were even made famous the crystal industry started its mark through the 1976 Winter Olympics wherein a silver crystal mouse was made as part of the chandeliers.

Truly the work ethics and astounding aspirations of one man can make much of a difference anytime and anywhere. Daniel Swarovski I will be forever remembered as the pioneer of a jewelry story of crystal proportions.