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Although the Covid 19 virus is ravaging the world economy, it is not quite the worst pandemic ever.

We have seen much worse in recorded history, plagues of all kinds have reminded us all for millennia

that we are mere vessels for any kind of life form that inhabits this earth.  Microbes, bacteria, virus’s and

parasites live on and within our bodies for all of our lives.  most live in harmony with the host.  We just

need to find out what the virus needs to make it friendly instead of destructive. Hopefully in the mean

time we can keep the supply chain going and continue commerce.  I am doing my part by providing the

service of letting people know that all of these stores provide essential needs for some person out there.

The alternative energy product group is one for those of you who are in need of electric power from sources

other than the grid.

Believe it or not, the controlled flight store is also providing for an essential need of the real estate, law

enforcement, and global information services.

Many are living in tents, or other structures that are not their normal home.  Working or not, there are

always people on the move in the world who benefit from having camping supplies.

As an extension of the camping supply provision, we also provide for the needs of people who are able

to  use more luxurious means of mobile housing.  We carry a wide variety of supplies for the use of mobile

home and camper trucks.

Our Eats store is open to all, but particularly great for Amazon Prime Account owners. If you live close to

a Fresh Store, you can have food delivered within hours. This makes menu planning a breeze.

Our Xbox store is providing service and entertainment to thousands, kids all over the world are confined

to their homes, and Xbox has many programs that help to educate and entertain them.

Horse owners are in need of supplies that we provide in our store for equestrian supplies.  Ranging

from saddle blankets, halters, saddles and other supplies for riding.

Our brew supplies store is providing essential needs for those of you who would rather create your

own beer than be limited to just what the big box store has to offer.

Our solar energy store provides kits and systems to generate electricity in what ever amount you might

need for your home, camper or personal use.  We even have solar back packs that can charge your

personal electronics while you are out for a walk.

Now, our wine selections and such are just the best from all over the world, wines, decanters, stoppers,

glasses and more.

Poor Richards Enterprises is the presentation of most of the other products and services we try to offer.

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